Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I have been pretty annoyed by poker as of late. With the changes to Full Tilt being a complete joke. Some how they change the Rake system so everyone but HU players and SNG players take a pretty significant pay cut! They say they are coming out with some "Player Friendly" updates sometime in January. We shall see about

That being said I decided to do a crazy challenge. I was over at my buddies and was so sick of the game that I told him I was going to play strictly $5NL for 1 million hands. That's right, blinds of $.02/$.05. I figured I could 16 table playing 1200 hands an hr. That being said I should get to my goal after about 835 hr of play or so. Which if I play 16hr a week I can get done in 1 year. The over-all idea was to win at a rate of a minimum 10bb/100. If I can do that I can get to my $5000 goal. Not sure anyone in the world has won $5000 at $5NL let alone play 1 million hands at the level.

An outside goal would be to win at a 12bb/100 rate which would push my winnings to $6000. Either way I think this challenge should be pretty fun. I should earn about 70k full tilt points in that time as well which is worth about $300. Make about $800 in RakeBack and maybe clear about $2k in bonus and possible reloads............Crazy to think maybe get close to making $10,000.

I plan on updating once a week with a graph and possibly some stats.

Here is a start..........wish me luck!

Friday, October 22, 2010

TO START AGAIN............

Well I have not posted in over 10mos.............mainly because of being lazy. Tonight I am going to start and couple of pretty big grinding sessions with my buddy Darrin. I figured this is as good as a time ever to start posting again. I plan on a 8 hr session tonight and 12 hr session tomorrow! Should put in about 15,000 hands in the next two days. I will post my results a long with other mumbo jumbo later!

Go Texas Rangers!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well I will start off my post talking about the Minnesota Vikings! If you are vikings fan like have been my entire life you how big this game is this up coming weekend! I am hoping that this is the year! I ended up going the game in the Dome vs the Cowboys. I have a ton of pics and even a couple of videos but for some reason I cant get them loaded on here.........oh well! Any who gl Vikes as you embark on an NFC championship!

So I have about 73 $11 45 man SNG's under my belt now and I feel really good about they way things are going. My overall style fits very well for these things and I think I have always been a really good Shove/Fold player! Check out my result below!

Also Full Tilt has a new game called "RUSH POKER". For the multi-table grinder it is pretty awesome. It allows you to play 4 tables then if you want to quick fold it rushes you to a new table. The cool thing is it lets you keep your stack size thus making for some really good deep poker! I lost a 405bb pot with set over set...........which is a crazy cooler for a 100bb game!

Below are my stats for the month!

Wish me luck!


Today: +$195.72
Last 7 Days: $408.36<----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$309.13 +($546.20 Rake/Bonus) = +$855.33
This Year: +$309.13 +($546.20 Rake/Bonus) = +$855.33 ($9.99/hr)
Total Hands Played: 41557 (1889/day) Total Hrs: 85.6 (3.89/day)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well this has sure been one crazy week! And it will all end with Me and couple of Buddies going to the Minnesota Vikings Playoff game! We are heading down to the Cities here in about 7 hrs and staying DownTown at the Hyatt! Should be a great time!

Getting back to the start of the Week..........on Tuesday I was heading to work and some guy in front of me slams into a Rav4 going 30 mph. Obv I am only about 2 car lengths behind him and have 0% chance of stopping!! So his hitch goes thru my bumper, pushed the Radiator into the Fan, and the Fan crushes the Air Conditioning compressor! OMG..........running bad! Yeah so I guess I am at fault since I rear ended him.........go figure! Ends up being $1050 in damage that I pay out of my own pocket due to me having Liability. The guy claims to have a scratch on his bumper and my insurance pays him $88. $88........really...........what a joke! So yeah super excited to pay the $1050 to fix my 99 Chevy cavalier that is worth about $2k! Go me!

Well I decided to play some SNG's just to change it up! I actually somewhat enjoyed 9 tabling $11 45 man. I ran pretty damn bad in all in equity as you can see by the charts below. But somehow I managed to Cash 4 of the 17 times and make some $. I am going to play theses for awhile and see how they go. Not sure if I can expect the 35 ROI I am running at but we shall see.


Today: +$65.00
Last 7 Days: $122.55 <----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$129.70 +($188.60 Rake/Bonus) = +$318.30
This Year: +$129.70 +($188.60 Rake/Bonus) = +$318.30 ($6.46/hr)
Total Hands Played: 13687 (855/day) Total Hrs: 49.28 (3.08/day)

Rake/Bonus this year: $

1597 hands***3.7 hours

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UGGG.................SO FAR THIS MONTH

Other then me getting a 37" LCD TV with 195,000 fulltilt points this month has not been going so great! With the amount I have played I would like to be up around $900.........but things have not really fallen into place. For the most part I have run into some really bad spots, had some coolers, and played bad at times as well. Even given the situations if I was playing my A game I should still be up around $500. Well lets hope things can turn around the 2nd half of this month! Pretty sad if I make anything less the $1k for the month.


Go go January


Today: +$63.00
Last 7 Days: -$147.65 <----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$100.05 +($176.94 Rake/Bonus) = +$276.94
This Year: +$100.05 +($176.94 Rake/Bonus) = +$276.94 ($6.28/hr)
Total Hands Played: 11588 (891/day) Total Hrs: 44.07 (3.39/day)

Rake/Bonus this year: $

916 hands***3.88 hours***29.0/23.9

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well So much for 2010 starting off super hot! My last 4500 I have got absolutely crushed/owned! When reviewing all my hands it really is a combination of things that have lead to this 7 buyin downswing. 1st, in my opinion it starts with running bad in all in equity and getting a few coolers. From there my game slips into about a "C-" as for as overall wellness of play. Then I start playing too many hands out of position and somewhat force things. Getting away form solid starting hand requirement can be a huge leak...........J7 and 85s on the button just are not that much of value. It pretty much came down to me playing 10 hands really really bad that cost me $133. Then top that with running about $183 bad in all in equity. Top that with a couple of coolers...........and it does not take long to be down 7 buyins. I really feel if I was playing my best poker I could have held this downswing to around -3 buyins or so! I really need to keep a close eye on things when they start to slip. The game seems so easy on the huge up swings and so so tough on the down swings. Well below are my stats!

Wish me luck! :)


Since 01/03: -$347.75
Last 7 Days: +$50.75 <----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$50.75 +($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$97.83
This Year: +$50.75 +($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$97.83 ($3.07/hr)
Total Hands Played: 8639 (1234/day) Total Hrs: 31.84 (4.54/day)

Rake/Bonus this year: $

4575 hands***18 hours***29.4/24.6

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well I am off and running in 2010! Put together another pretty solid session and a couple big wins getting in racing! As far as today goes............pretty much slept till 6pm. Katie and I were planning on going to the Mall but come to find out it's closed! Really on New Years? Go figure! So we then hit up Culvers and did a little shopping at Walmart! After that we came home a watched "Paranormal Activity". Imo that movie was put together very very well! The actors really seemed to be "acting" normal, like people would do if they tried recording that stuff! Creeping ending and what not! Very entertaining to say the least!

Well below are my poker stats and my yearly graph! Go go 2010!


Today: +$196.95
Last 7 Days: +$261.25 <----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$398.50 +($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$446.33
This Year: +$398.50+($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$446.33 ($32.25/hr)

Rake/Bonus this year: $

2052 hands***6.34 hours***28.4/22.6

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Holiday season! Well I sure hope 2010 goes as well as my 1st session of the year went!

So I guess as the norm I should set some goals and what not. From experience I usually notice I don't always up hold on my goals. That's okay I guess as long as my year was somewhat productive and not a complete waste of time. So here are some minor goals for 2010.

  • Have financial freedom by May. (This meaning I have no Bills outside living expenses)
  • Play @ minimum 60 hrs of Poker/month. (That should be an extra $1300/mo in income.)
  • Start P90x on Jan 4th and complete the program by April 3rd.
  • Run the Fargo Marathon in May with my 3 buddies. (We all put up $500 and the winner gets all. I feel I have a huge edge in this bet. For one, 2 of the guys will probably not even train or do the race. Second, I have prior military training, all be it 10 years ago. But I have done things like this, I know what I am capable of!! Really the only one I feel will run the race with me is Ryan. So yeah, gl guys!)
  • Work on my golf game and get back to the level I was while playing in College. Plus 3 handi I come!
  • Enjoy life with my girlfriend Katie and grow as a couple.
So there you have it! A few goals! All very very attainable!


Today: +$201.55 + ($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$249.38
Last 7 Days: +$34.95 <----Not including rake and bonus
This Month:
+$201.55 +($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$249.38
This Year: +$201.55+($47.83 Rake/Bonus) = +$249.38 ($33.25/hr)

Rake/Bonus this year: $

2082 hands***7.5 hours***26.5/21.8

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well this weekend I had my Bday party @ the Hub in Fargo. A lot of friends and co-workers showed up and it was a really good time. I ended up drinking way too much and having way to many shots! But I survived the night and felt great when waking up to watch the Vikings game. My gf Kaite however did not fair so well! But the day was not a total loss as I had a really solid tournament score in the Silver Iron Man $15k. I ended up getting 3rd for $825.

Below is my last poker session as well:

So for so good............go go December!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


First I would like to say:

HAPPY 8 MONTH ANNIVERSARY KATIE! (and thanks for making my birthday so amazing!)

So on Wed I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed up head..................I ended up calling into work and pretty much sleeping the entire day (woke up at 4pm). Once getting up I just laid around the apt all day and watch TV. Being so bored I decided to log in a session of poker. Good thing too! Here is how my 1200 hands session went:

Well till next time!